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Rapture; boys love TCG

Name; Nhu
Status; Acquintance
Collecting; Ripple
Total Number of Cards; 218
Joined; May 24.2013

Ripple 9/25

Regular; (card count; 112)


Trading; (comment for trade)
Regular; (card count; 88)



Member Cards;

Pending Trade;

Stamp Cards;

Currency & Tokens;
x5 x4 x2 x3 x7 x3 x2 x0

Trading Post;

starter pack: ripple18, ripple09, ripple25, embrace17, shadows04, melody02, unexpectedlove18, puzzle02, protagonist05, melody22

Update post; took hitman19, hitman21, sounin04, martialarts21, martialarts16, pirateslove08, shihosugiura12

Played weekly games; blackjack: betrayal07, editor05
Played weekly games; freebies: onebody22, devilcontractor16, bestfriends19, redheart
Played weekly games; memory: gunblade13, doubledrive10, lovehate01
Played weekly games; wheel (orange): doubledrive13, mentor09
Played weekly games; find the pencil: annihilate23, research17
Played weekly games; number guess: nishiura20, research20
Played weekly games; card puzzle: doubledrive18, eternalrivals24, teachers16
Played biweekly games; cosplaying: nishiura22, hitman01, yellowheart
Played biweekly games; loving couples: contrast24, animalwithin03, greenheart
Played biweekly games; pick a prince: oneheart23, silverpair10, diving12
Played biweekly games; messy cards: playful18, trance13, bodydeal16
Played biweekly games; puzzle: vocalists23, smokeandfire08, defenders18, key
Played biweekly games; slots: exorcists06, lollipops05, musicians13,
Played biweekly games; lottery: diving16, heroes18
Played monthly games;
Hide & Seek;
found grimmjow: unexpectedlove06, fallen16, embrace08, gundampilots19
found ichigo: 10421, playful02, sharkbait05
Traded with Kiss; her ripple03 + member card for my embrance17 + member card
Traded with Kiss; her ripple16 for my contrast24

Traded with Miyuki;
her lollipops06, lollipops08, lollipops17, lollipops18 + MC for my devilcontractor16, smokeandfire08, shihosugiura12 +MC
Played weekly games; hangman;
affectionate17, eastandwest25, shinobi03
Played weekly games; war; vocalist10, freedom09
Updates News; took dinosaurs18, fishingprinces08, flames03, pilots12, tomatoes13, yukimura08, inspiration19, ripple01, magi04, melody19, lover23, legend17
traded with kiss; her lollipops16 for my tomatoes13
played weekly games; blackjack: subway22, dogtags14, purpleheart
played weekly games; freebies: annoyance09, childhood21, embrace08, blueheart
played weekly games; number guess: umbrella09, alchemy07
played weekly games; memory: subway19, determination15, oneheart14
played weekly games; find the pencil: destiny24, cashier11
played weekly games; wheel (red): promise05, benefits17
played weekly games; card puzzle: guardians23, teammates03, trance25
played weekly games; hangman: luckycharm24, friends08, beasts01
played biweekly games; puzzle: beasts12, jinchuuriki23, nishiura02, blueheart
played biweekly games; xs and os: skycyclone19
played biweekly games; lottery: mysterious07, diving15, rolemodel15
played biweekly games; pick a prince: closed06, partners10, ruhana17, alchemy15, purpleheart
played biweekly games; cosplaying: archetypes17, model16, greenheart
Update News; took annoyance02, archetypes11, conspiracy13, princeandknight14, rejected13, oguramuku07, melody07, ripple23, inspiration20
Played monthly games; hide and seek;
found ichigo:
devotion09, disdain16, eccentric12
found grimmjow: chained01, shadows18, lover21, loyalty06
Played biweekly games; casino slots; innocence08, instructor03, teammates12

Traded with Kazekune; martialarts13 and mc-kazekune for teachers16 and mc-nhu

Took from Update 8/31; Wishes (COLLEGE); inspiration23, lollipops01, magi10, melody01, ripple04, puppylove18, playful04

doubles exchange: embrace08 for zexal08
birthday presents: rejected08, childhood23, nightbird12, holygrail10, key, greenheart, stamp_bdayjun
blackjack: understand18, commonwealth20
freebies: bitethesky21, foxhunt16, doubledrive10, redheart
number guess: lovehate13, promise15
wheel (orange): shinobi09, support04
card puzzle: betrayal23, melody15, teachers19
hangman: trainers20, devotion07, shinigami12
memory: exorcists20, artists12, research02
find the pencil: eastandwest21, innocence10
puzzle: lover09, forever18, teachers23, purpleheart
slots: eastandwest06, lightandshadow05, magi17
xs and os: stoic20

lottery: badtouch05, yinandyang01, disdain12, yellowheart
pick a prince: artists20, musicians14, dragons25, genuine15, flamingbullet02, yellowheart
cosplaying: elegant20, roomshare14, redheart

level up: ripple02, playful10, ugly17, fujiyamahryouta01

doubles exchange: doubledrive10 for vocalist05
puzzle series:
puzzle #01: innocence05, lover11
puzzle #02: sparda04, mirrorimage23, greenheart
puzzle #03: erotica15, bloodlust03, ncd13, redheart

Update 9/14/2014: Wishes: set of hearts
blackjack: genuine09, closed05, greenheart
card puzzle: annihilate10, fugitives08, partners12
freebies: partners10, mirrorimage11, tsundere09, greenheart
number guess: exorcists01, crewmates20
hangman: baseball12, luckycharm04, annihilate01
memory: nishiura15, dogtags25, nishiura07
find the pencil: eastandwest09, enemies10
war: teammates25, silverpair17
wheel (green): gunblade06, bound20, forever16
lottery: oneheart10, vocalists06, devotion11
traded with Kaz: their diving08, lover05 + membercard for my archetypes11, archetypes17 +membercard


Hello and welcome to Rapture, Nhu! I'm Kiss!

Would you like my ripple03 for your embrace17 + an MC trade? (I'll be back after you play games too so look out for that lmao)

Hello and Thank you~ It's nice to meet you Kiss~ <3

Told you I'd be back! Your contrast24 for my ripple16?

Lol~ I saw~ Okay~ Here you go~

Edited at 2013-05-27 02:02 am (UTC)

Miyuki trade

Hi Nhu!
I'd like to treade my lollipops06, lollipops08, lollipops17, lollipops18 for your devilcontractor16, smokeandfire08, shihosugiura12. Mc too =D

Re: Miyuki trade

Sure~ <3 Sorry that this was a little late. I been a little busy.
Hey again! Would you like my lollipops16 for your tomatoes13?

Hello~~ And suree~ <3 Here you go~
Hello, Kaz here! Would you be willing to trade your archetypes11, archetypes17 for my diving08, lover05 + membercards?

Sure~ Here you go~

Thank you! I forgot to attach this earlier, sorry ><;